Our Story

I’m GOD’s DOPE CHILD, OWNER, and CEO of Butterfly Evolution Apparel a brand that helps women and men embrace their evolution to elevate and embody the new you through clothing apparel and coaching behind the scenes
BUTTERFLY EVOLUTION comes from transformation. There’s always room to GROW into the FREE SPIRIT you’re suppose to be. Thinking NEGATIVE will not bring a POSITIVE life. Open your heart, mind, and soul to evolve into the beautiful butterfly you were put here to be.. The name derives from personal life experiences of mine. A butterfly goes through METAMORPHOSIS and typically so does humans. We’re born free but the world brings chaos that takes us through changes but it’s up to us to let go have FAITH and TRANSFORM. HEALING journeys are messy but beautiful on the other side. I am proud to say the metamorphosis I’ve been going through has EVOLVED me into someone I’ve never imagined I would be.. I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone. It’s not just a BRAND it’s my LIFE STORY!!